Rates for 2022

The prices below are for standard hourly work. All customized pricing for Projects, Recurring Service, Help Desk, Discounts, and more are based on these rates.


For all commercial business clients.

On-Site: $125 per hour, $75 minimum

Remote: $100 per hour, $50 minimum

Projects and Consulting: For larger projects and consulting opportunities, a fixed rate with built-in discounts may be quoted.

Recurring Service: Starting at $250 per month. Inquire for Quote.


For home, artists, and non-profit clients.

On-Site: $100 per hour, $50 minimum

Remote: $75 per hour, $25 minimum

Quick Fix: $25
If I can solve your issue on-site in less than 10 minutes, it’s only $25 for the visit.

Phone Consultation: $25 per instance, up to 20 minutes.
If you need advice, assistance, purchase recommendations, or just have a quick tech question.


Advanced Media Servers, Cloud-Enabled DVRs, Cord-Cutting, Analog to Digital Transfers, and More.

Consultations: Starting at $200

VHS to Digital: Starting at $50

Cassette to Digital: Starting at $35

See Details

Flat-Rate Repairs

Software Repair 1: $75
Windows, Mac, or Linux
Basic Tune-Up, Malware & Virus Cleaning, Disk Space Analysis, Software Cleanup OR a simple wipe-and-reinstall with no data retention.

Software Repair 2: $150
Windows, Mac or Linux
Advanced Software Troubleshooting up to 1 hour OR a user data backup, system wipe, reinstall, and data restoration.

Labor Level 1: $100 + parts
Simple hardware repairs and upgrades. Hard Drive/SSD, RAM, Optical Drives, Graphics Cards, etc.

Labor Level 2:
$200 + parts
Complex hardware repairs and upgrades. Motherboards, CPUs, Displays, etc.

SSD Upgrade:
$75 + parts
Windows, Mac or Linux
Includes installation of SSD and operating system. Add Data Transfer for an additional $50.

Data Transfer: $50
Windows, Mac, or Linux
Simple data transfer from one working system or hard drive to another working system or hard drive.

Data Recovery: $500
Windows, Mac or Linux
Recover missing or deleted data, even from erased, corrupted, or formatted drives. Learn More.

Media Services

With over 20 years experience working with advanced digital video and audio tools, you can be sure your media is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

Consultations: Starting at $200
Includes 1 on-site visit to gather information and provide personalized hardware & software recommendations based on your needs and my findings. Additional implementation, hardware, and training will be quoted as a Project Fee.

VHS to Digital

All prices are per tape, up to 2 hours per tape. VHS services are performed using S-Video, a video signal stabilizer, and a broadcast-quality capture card for the best possible transfer. Initial capture and all processing use lossless video formats, and final videos are encoded at high bit-rates to ensure your tapes look their best.

Basic VHS Transfer: $50
SD resolution. VHS is de-interlaced and de-noised using advanced hardware-accelerated methods for a smooth, crisp digital archive of your media.

Advanced VHS Transfer: $100
SD resolution. VHS is de-interlaced using an AI-assisted algorithm and de-noised using advanced hardware-accelerated methods. Typically results in crisper images and smoother motion.

Basic VHS Upscale: $75
HD resolution. VHS is de-interlaced and upscaled using advanced hardware-accelerated methods. Upscaling can improve how your video looks on modern HD screens.

Advanced VHS Upscale: $150
HD resolution. VHS is de-interlaced, de-noised, sharpened, and restored using an AI-assisted workflow.

Cassette to Digital

All prices are per tape, up to 90 minutes per tape. A well-maintained vintage high-end cassette deck is used for all cassette transfers. Audio is captured lossless at 16-bit, 48KHz to ensure a near-identical copy. Audio levels are maximized and Dolby Noise Reduction is applied when necessary. Audio is supplied in high-bitrate MP4 and lossless FLAC.

Cassette to Digital: $35

Audio Enhancement: $50
Noise Reduction, EQ, and light Compression applied as needed. This is in addition to the base cost of Cassette to Digital.