Kind Words From Kinder People

I’m proud to have built such strong trust with these inspiring people.

Zeb is a pro and a genuinely nice guy. He came to our house to trouble shoot our internet speed and various other issues we were having with our home Mac. In addition to fixing our issues in a timely manner, he made a lot of non-condescending suggestions that helped tremendously in other aspects of our workflow.

I called Zeb with issues I was having in the studio. I called on him as he has an extensive background with Macs and using Macs to record music. He arrived promptly when he said he would be there with a smile on his face. He went above and beyond for even the small project it was. I’d recommend his services to anyone.

Mat LS, Mobtown Studios, Baltimore MD

I am so lucky to have access to Zeb. He has gone above and beyond my expectations ever since he worked at Apple, and he does so with heaps of patience. Not only does he excel with the little problems, Zeb did some magic with my hard drive which saved me from having to purchase a new computer. As he works, he will often give tips for things you didn’t even know you needed. He is a true Genius.

Erica R, Baltimore, MD

Zeb was able to retrieve all the info that was on my PC’s hard drive when it unexpectedly died. Then he helped set up a back-up system so it wouldn’t happen again. He is a true computer genius. And, most importantly, he’s one of those rare computer geniuses who doesn’t go out of his way to make you feel stupid. I can’t say enough good things about Zeb!

Marci H, Washington, DC

Zeb has been my go-to-guy for anything tech for more than a decade. From his mastery of Apple products to his knowledge of the latest technology trends, he is an invaluable resource. If your business needs IT help, but isn’t in a place to add full time staff, I highly recommend considering Zeb’s IT. Whether as a short term solution, or a long term partner, you can’t go wrong.”

Jay Selway, Gaithersburg, MD

Zeb came to MY rescue when my iMac and Mac Air crashed after an upgrade. He had it fixed in no time and even put a link on my desktop for a place to go for a much needed RAM upgrade. He personifies the words “customer service”.

John S, Baltimore, MD

Zeb has helped me with my computing needs which helped me get through my Master’s program. He is fantastic with his patient explanations of what my computer is doing and what would need to happen to address it. He also makes sure to make recommendations for sites and nifty internet tidbits I might be interested in. He’s the computer Buddha for the computer illiterate.

Jordan H, Baltimore, MD

Zeb has been my computer guru since the day many years ago when he set up my first MacBook and home network. His service has always been excellent, and prompt. He’s been able to solve many problems-issues on line, including some that arose when I was traveling in SE Asia. I highly recommend Zeb.

Jay L, Reisterstown, MD

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