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Solving Problems, Saving Sanity, and Reducing Chaos

It’s All In A Day’s Work

Life is hard enough without having to deal with broken technology. Jobs, kids, bills, school, chores, errands … our remaining free time at home should be relaxing, rejuvenating, and easy. But the WiFi won’t reach the top floor or backyard. Your laptop is stuck on a blue screen of death, and your files aren’t backed up. There’s a stack of old computers and notebooks in the closet and no idea what to do with them. That fancy new phone in your pocket won’t sync. You accidentally wiped your camera’s SD card or trashed an important file. You want to cut the cable cord, but where to start? Maybe you’re still using notebooks and paper calendars and want to go digital. Your password situation has gotten out of control. Yet another virus just spread across the internet and your wireless router hasn’t seen a software update since Obama’s first term. There’s a million little annoyances created by technology – tech that was supposed to make life better.

Zeb’s IT wants to make sure your technology is making your life easier, not causing you more stress. I excel at creating harmonious environments where everything works just the way you want it to, from the phone that you run your life on to the TV that you unwind in front of. Syncing devices, organizing, recovering, and backing up files, resurrecting old computers and making them useful again, media servers and media centers, fixing broken systems, WiFi coverage, computer and network security — Zeb’s IT can handle any technology task that’s giving you grief.

An Incomplete List of Available Services

As all needs are unique, so too are all solutions. If you don’t see it listed, just ask.


Whole-Home Backup Solutions

WiFi Improvements

Network & Device Security

Media Centers & Servers

Data Organization

Remote Support & Maintenance

Repairs & Upgrades

Virus & Malware Cleaning

Quick Fixes & Questions

Tech Purchase Assistance

Remote Support & Maintenance

Flexible Scheduling

Evening & Weekend Hours

Text & Phone Support Options

Quick Fixes & Assessment

Training & Consultation

Don’t see your specific need listed?
Get in touch and let’s make a plan!

Home Pricing Guidelines

Custom pricing available for projects, ongoing support and maintenance, and advance purchase.


$75 per hour

$60 minimum

Free phone consultation ensures you’ll only be billed if you schedule an appointment.

Think you’ll need more than 5 hours to solve all your issues? Ask about custom pricing for larger projects or regular visits.


$50 per hour

$25 minimum

Want to have someone reliable to text or call with tech questions on the fly? Custom Remote Retainer agreements will put answers in the palm of your hand when you need them.

Repairs & Upgrades

$25-75 Labor Fee

$50 Data Transfers

$150-300 Data Recovery

$50 Pickup & Dropoff

Advanced Data Transfer and Data Recovery are custom quoted based on the nature of the work.